What am I writing about on my little piece of cyberspace?  Well, I’m planning for it to be a lot about cooking.  Oh yes, and definitely plenty of baking.  However, most importantly, I am writing about understanding Judaism on my own terms.

You see, this blog only exists because I fell in love.  Madly, deeply, completely in love.  My husband, well, he’s Jewish.  And me? I’m not.  Sure, he may consider himself  culturally Jewish and not religious, but it is still a world away from what I know.

When I realized I was falling in love, I knew I had to learn more about where he came from.  Books did the trick to a certain extent but they didn’t teach me where I fit in.  So, I started to cook.

Each new experience, any bout of internal nervousness or a happy occasion became an opportunity to make something delicious.  It wasn’t on purpose, but it became my way to learn and wrestle with what I was learning.

Now, why should you care?  Well, I’m assuming you found this blog for one of two main reasons, you either enjoy cooking or are in a “relationship situation” similar to mine.

If you are here because you enjoy cooking, then the recipes should do the trick.  If you gravitated to this blog because you are in love, the object of your affection just happens to be Jewish, and you are feeling over your head…then, I am hoping my experiences might be of interest and comfort to you.

Whatever brought you here…welcome.


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  1. Hi,

    I went to school with your Dad in Darby..he sent me the link to your wonderful blog. Very nicely done. Your recipes taught me a lot about cooking new foods. My heritage is Jewish but I didn’t know how to cook any of those dishes you published–and now I do! I married a non-Jewish fellow and it’s worked well–41 years of bliss and counting. Write on, and wishing you much joy in all you do.

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