NPR Story on Matzah

Ok, so this isn’t a recipe, but it is very very fitting for the blog.  No really, it is I promise!  You see, just when I thought it was safe to forget about matzah for another year….it snuck up on me again! Planet Money, a really awesome podcast from NPR, just did a segment called “The Matzo Economy.”  They go into the headquarters of Manischewitz, look at their business and how they keep solvent when…really…most people buy matzah for one week a year.  Finally, they tie it all in to the global economy!

I know, it sounds about as exciting as those talking head shows that fill the 24hr news networks.  But, give it a try!  Planet Money has this great way of taking super complex ideas, making them approachable and interesting.  I always finish a podcast feeling much smarter and like I actually understand what they were talking about.

This one was especially on target to what I’d been thinking about.  I mean, my grocery store always has one section of one aisle that has kosher options on it.  Then, right before Passover, it explodes into its own huge aisle.  Where does it go the rest of the year?  How do they mass produce something that has such specific requirements for every step of the process.  I’m sure that is EXACTLY what you were thinking about too, wasn’t it?  No?  Maybe?  But you are now so you might as well listen to the show!

You can listen to this particular podcast through the link above, but you can also subscribe through their website or ITunes to get a short segment twice a week.  If you like it, then I definitely recommend you listen to “The Case for Preschool.”  Consider it a favor to me, since that is one of my own personal soapboxes!

I’ll also let you in on a little secret.  Hearing this made me want to make some matzah crunch with those random leftover bits of matzah I still have lying around.  You know,  if there is any matzah in your house you need to get rid of then you can do the same thing…..while listening to the podcast!  Good idea huh?

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