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Baked Avocado Fries

Hey look at that… Passover is over!  You made it through, aren’t you proud?  Maybe you are like me and you don’t really keep kosher for Passover (that’s ok, I won’t tell) but maybe you DO and so getting through … Continue reading

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NPR Story on Matzah

Ok, so this isn’t a recipe, but it is very very fitting for the blog.  No really, it is I promise!  You see, just when I thought it was safe to forget about matzah for another year….it snuck up on … Continue reading

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Curried Sweet Potato Tzimmes with Apple

So at its very basic, tzimmes is really just stewed vegetables with fruit.  Usually, you’ll see it as carrots with dried fruit…and that is delicious.  The awesome thing, like most of the recipes that I’m discovering through this blog, is … Continue reading

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Passover Popovers

Who said you can’t have bread during Passover?  You can, you just have to get creative about making it.  A good friend of mine always tells me how sick she gets of matzoh sandwiches by the end of Passover.  I … Continue reading

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Passover Fruit Crisp

Wow, Passover happened again.  That seemed really fast…anyone else think so?  I wasn’t ready at all, in fact I grabbed what must have been the last box of matzoh in the entire grocery store.  Whenever I am running late like … Continue reading

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