Where to go from here?

Hey lovely readers, it has been a while hasn’t it?  After my lame attempt to tie in grilled pizza (but it was delicious wasn’t it?) I sort of just stopped writing.  I have many excuses for why that is.  First, have you ever been to Mid-Atlantic in the summertime?  It is HOT!  Way too hot to turn on a stove or usually even think about eating for most of the day. And this is coming from me, someone who has proven that they love to eat.

But, I have another reason too.  I felt, kinda, like the blog was grinding to a halt.  My whole reason for writing was to sum up the things I’d learned to make, or created, as I was delving into Judaism.  Well, the problem was I sort of caught up to myself.  I’d like to think that I’m deep and introspective, but I also have a day job and other things going on.  It is not like this is something that is consuming my life.  Combine that with living too far away from my husband’s family, and even our closest Jewish friends, to learn from that at the stove and….I ran out of things to tell you.

I guess that should have been a sign to stop, but I didn’t feel like stopping yet.  I still like the idea and want to keep sharing awesome food with you.  So, I did some thinking and I changed decided a change in direction was completely acceptable!

The other reason I started exploring this at all was to figure out how to make Judaism a part of my life, since it was a part of my husband’s.  Well, ok, that works with food too!  How can I take traditionally Jewish cooking and make it something that we would have on a random Wednesday night?

So, that is my new mission.  I have been collecting recipes and avidly marking the cookbooks I’ve been given with things I want to try, and tweak, and make part of a regular “repertoire.”  Naturally I’ll still also give you the best recipes I’ve found for the holidays, so you can make them to impress your significant other’s family.  My hope for myself is that I’ll be able to incorporate these foods into our lives and make them a family tradition.  My hope for you is that they are tasty!

Wish me luck!  This is going to be harder then I had intended but I’m excited!

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One Response to Where to go from here?

  1. Beth says:

    Woohoo! You can do this! And I’m happy to share my Jew-book collection any time…

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